The Secret of Spirit Lake

ISBN-13: 978-1499114140

ISBN-10: 1499114141

An adventurous tale of 13-year-old Corey Starkey, whose main goal for the summer was as inauspicious as avoiding the neighborhood bully...but the summer of 1994 turns out to be one he'll never forget. Corey spends the summer with his disciplinarian dad in a nearby town where he's introduced to his new step-sister, Miah. Little did they know the dangerous and mysterious days and nights to come.


A fun, intriguing, evocative read, sure to be enjoyed by anyone who loves an adventure, hates bullies and/or has ever experienced the complexities of a blended family.



Dan Skelton

Phantom of Scotsman's Scree

ISBN-13: 978-1502817020

ISBN-10: 1502817020


Summer vacation is fast approaching, and Corey and Miah have the perfect plan: Epcot Center. They are even working industriously at lawn mowing and babysitting to earn spending money. Then the unthinkably horrible happens, Dad and Marge veto those plans. Instead, the pair learns they will be roughing it: camping along with a childless couple - friends of their folks - at a remote Ozark spot called Scotsman’s Scree. Dad and his friend will trout fish; Marge and her friend will paint and collect botanical samples.


Corey and Miah feel sure they will suffer agonizing boredom, but that, of course, is before they discover the Phantom and the fearful set of adventures it has to offer.


You were introduced to Corey and his step-sister Miah in Dan Skelton’s first Young Adult fantasy novel, THE SECRET OF SPIRIT LAKE. Fast forward to the next summer, and a new adventure awaits the audacious duo on Scotsman’s Scree. 

Queen Mab

ISBN-13: 978-1548868994

ISBN-10: 15488699X


In many ways, Queen Mab is a typical small town in the rural south - many of its residents struggling to make ends meet and hopeful of the promise of a new factory planned for the outskirts of town. Typical, that is, until Alastar, Alvar and the other elves come to town and enlist teen protagonists Sarajane and Cleve to help them fight the town's more sinister elements and save their way of life.


An enchanting tale of young love, loyalty, honor and courage unlike anything you’ve ever read... with plenty of unexpected twists and turns along the way.

The Shadow Man

ISBN-13: 978-1548923136

ISBN-10: 1548923133


THE SHADOW MAN... is set in Middle Field, a self complacent and somnolent town that is about to witness a gun fight; a stranger has challenged the town banker, claiming he was cheated in a card game. Jacob Bone, a reporter and a bit of a dandy, has settled in a prime location in order to witness and report; however, things take a wildly unexpected turn and Jacob's life is changed forever.


This story takes a few liberties with the western formula. It has traditional western features, but it adds in a bit of the paranormal and a bit of romance. It is also a tale of what people can do when they are faced with betrayal and corruption.

Dan Skelton is a life-long resident of Arkansas. He credits his grandmother, Laura Belle Skelton, as the person who taught him to read and to love literature, art, and music. A former professor of English and Theater, Skelton earned degrees from Arkansas State Teachers College (now the University of Central Arkansas), the University of Arkansas and the University of Mississippi. 

Dan began his teaching career at the high school level, but then accepted a a position at Southern State College (now Southern Arkansas University). He retired from full time instruction and administration in the year 2000, but continued teaching in an adjunct capacity at Central Arkansas for several years. Currently, he and his faithful dog, Yoda, are enjoying retirement. Dan makes his home with his daughter's family in Conway, Arkansas. 

Dan and his daughter, Dana, circa 1971