Are you living the life you desire? Did you know that research shows that the characteristic of 'GRIT' is a better predictor of long-term success than intelligence or talent? This means that success is within reach of us all and the life you want is yours to design. Now is the time to get gritty. The Print in Blueprint is an inspirational, interactive and instructive guide to unleashing your inner power and achieving the life you imagine. Learn the framework "blueprint" to build grit by using the tips, strategies, and activities to make choices that will lead you to success. Love, Friendship, Health, Wealth, or a Life Full of Happiness...No matter what your goals, The Print in Blueprint can help keep you stay on your journey's path to achieve it all.


The authors, Laurie Noble and Joyce Schlanger, have over 15 years experience in the area of human behavior analysis, management and modification. They meet in 1995 while working on a human services case together in Charlotte, NC. They immediately clicked and soon realized that they had many parallels in their lives. Both are West Virginia University graduates and they both married men who are also, WVU graduates, as well as, huge Pittsburgh Steelers Fans from the Pittsburgh area. Incidentally, the hubbies grew up less than 5 miles from one another their entire lives and never met until the ladies introduced them. Joyce and Laurie each even have a child that shares the same birthdate...not year. These soul sisters complement one another in many ways, and made effort to develop their personal and professional relationships.

The Gritty Gals are human behavior professionals, college instructors and professional business owners that have been friends for almost 20 years. After working together for several years, Joyce moved to the Atlanta area, but the gals stayed in contact, supported each other's business and career ventures, and worked together doing training and consulting projects from time to time. These Gritty Gals have always had a similar philosophy and interest in helping individuals improve in the area of human behavior, so after engaging in research and drawing upon their years of experience, the ladies developed a personal development model assisting individuals to build "grit"- the ability to stay with goals over a long period of time. 

Gritty Lasagna

written by Joyce Schlanger & Laurie Noble


They believe that individuals must be willing to look within and make the appropriate changes to remove the self-imposed obstacles that stand in the way of achieving all we want in life. Once they received a publishing deal based on their "Nexus" model, designed to maximize an individual's fullest potential, they partnered and Gritty Lasagna, Inc. was born. At the core, their focus is to help individuals build GRIT: Growth, Resilience, Integrity and Tenacity to successfully achieve any short-term, long-term or life dream, designing the life you desire.