Inchy and Friends...

Inchy da Vinci 

ISBN-13: 978-1503092983

ISBN-10: 1503092984 


Written by John Andrucci


Inchy Da Vinci is a lovable inchworm. And also the caretaker of Leonardo Da Vinci... Well, of everything that he has ever created – paintings, sculptures, designs, drawings, sketches – in return for the care of his belongings, Leonardo gives Inchy a place to stay, a place to live, and a home to call his own. Inchy loves nothing more than to introduce children of all ages to his Maestro’s art and his adventures. 


The first in the Inchy & Friends series of children’s books that will explore the great minds, great artists, and the greatest thinkers throughout human history.  Inspired by Anika Raburn, written by John Andrucci and beautifully illustrated by Tommy Baldassarra & Dario Cavada, the dynamic duo at Merlino DreamLab.

The Story behind Inchy da Vinci…


One rainy spring afternoon, eight-year-old Anika Raburn rescued an inchworm from the windshield of her dad’s car. She brought him inside and made a nice little home for him in a plastic container. She named him Inchy da Vinci; which, in turn, got New York writer John Andrucci’s creative wheels turning… and, voila, the seeds for an educational line of illustrated children’s books exploring the world’s great artists, authors, philosophers and musicians were sown… starting with Leonardo da Vinci. 

Who better to illustrate the books than the dynamic Italian duo of Tomasa Baldassara and Dario Cavada at Merlino DreamLab?

Thanks for the inspiration. Grazie Mille, Anika!