Isobel and Ani...

An Illustrated children's book series written by author/publisher Stephen Raburn about the amazing adventures of two young sisters named Isobel and Ani, who just happen to bear a striking resemblance to his own two daughters. Illustrated by

Amy Godfrey.  Coming Soon! 



Little Fish Gets Three Wishes

The adventures of a tiny fish granted three wishes by an underwater genie. When Isobel and her little sister Ani stumble upon the little fish on the beach, they do what any responsible girls would do. They toss him back in the sea.  So, why does the same little fish keep coming back? Find out inside the pages of “Little Fish Gets Three Wishes,” which promises many giggles and a few important lessons to be learned, as well.


Isobel and Her Dad Take a Trip to the Moon


A young girl and her father decide to spice up the summer a little by embarking on a great adventure - a trip to the moon. Well, it's not like you can just go buy a rocket at your local market, so Isobel and her dad have to build one first. Building the rocket becomes the first adventure. And getting there includes some misadventures. A day on the moon proves to be especially amazing for Isobel who meets a young moon girl whose name is Maya. The two become best friends. 



Isobel and Ani Take a Trip to Mars


After their fantastic adventure on the moon, Isobel’s Dad promised her that they would someday take a trip to Mars. Well, that day has arrived. And this time, little sister Ani is old enough to come along with them. But wait, where is Dad? Read “Isobel and Ani Take a Trip to Mars” and find out why dad stayed home. And find out who did join them on their adventurous and educational journey to the fourth planet from the sun!

How to Fall Asleep: A Bedtime Story

A step-by-step guide for wiggly, giggly, ants-in-their-pants children who just can’t seem to settle down and fall asleep on school nights. Written by 9-year-old fourth grader, Anika Raburn (who is something of an expert on the topic) and her writer, publisher father.

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