John Andrucci's Children's Fantasty Series



Donnie & Dr. Hotchkiss:

Monster in My Pocket

ISBN-13: 978-1502734174  

ISBN-10: 1502734176 

Written by John Andrucci


Fifth in the Children's Fantasy series by New York author John Andrucci, with cover art work by the dynamic duo of Tomaso Baldassara & Dario Cavada at Merlino DreamLab, Trento, Italy.  


When Donnie finds something bright and shiny in the flowerbed belonging to Dr. Hotchkiss - the neighborhood witch - he learns that you shouldn’t take things from other people’s property. He also learns another important lesson: when you need help you can find in the most unlikely of people and places.


A fun, whimsical tale sure to be a hit read under a blanket with a flashlight or around a campfire in the woods. Perfect for Halloween or anytime a fun, scary (but not too scary) read is in order! 


The Emersons 

ISBN-13: 978-1500550738

ISBN-10: 1500550736 

Written by John Andrucci

When the girls at Zachary Emerson’s school start acting like Princess Anderson & Mary Stone, and successful career Moms start winding up dead, Dr. Amelia Emerson, the local police medical examiner and Zachary's mom, begins an investigation into the most unlikely of suspects, who’s not who or what she appears to be.  

The fourth in a series of Young Adult Fantasy Novels by John Andrucci with artwork by Tomaso Baldassara & Dario Cavada. 

Merlin's Daughters

ISBN-13: 978-1499652888

ISBN-10: 1499652887

Written by John Andrucci

Seventeen year-old Merlinda Penderson, Linda to her friends, is called upon by her aunts, Merlin’s daughters, to continue the fight between good and evil that their progenitor, Merlin, began centuries before when Morgana and her son, Modred, successfully destroyed Camelot and began their reign of evil over mankind.


Written by John Andrucci with cover art by Tomaso Baldassara & Dario Cavada at Merlino DreamLab, Trento, Italy.  



Karate Chop Moms

ISBN-13: 978-1499111521

ISBN-10: 1499111525

Written by John Andrucci

When two third graders become withdrawn, fail exams, and don’t want to go to school, their mothers - ordinary suburban housewives - take it upon themselves to find out why and, when they do, to put an end to the abuse their children are suffering at the hands of their malevolent third grade teacher.


They soon learn what their children knew all along… there’s more to this teacher than meets the eye. A fun and fantastic battle of good vs. evil ensues.


Second in a series of fantasy books written by John Andrucci. Cover art by the dynmaic duo at Merlino DreamLab.  


Grampa's Jeep

ISBN-13: 978-1497381179

ISBN-10: 1497381177 

Written by John Andrucci

A fantastic and suspenseful tale about a young boy’s journey

through time and space where two kids from different generations become the best of friends. Sure to be loved by anyone who's ever

had a special relationship with a grandparent (or grandchild).


Written by John Andrucci, whose work dates back to the 1980s and includes TV After School Specials, educational films and Saturday morning cartoons. "Grampa's Jeep" is the first of several fantasy books by Andrucci to be published by Raburn Publishing this year. 


Cover art (oil on canvas) by Tomaso Baldassarra & Dario Cavada.