Dear Friend,


As you may know, Raburn Publishing has always donated a portion of the proceeds from the sale of its books to worthy children’s charities such as St. Jude's Children's Research Hospital and the No Kid Hungry campaign.


Like most responsible companies, we value philanthropy and believe we all have an obligation to lend a helping hand to those in need. But we want to do more.  


In 2017, we plan to devote more time and energy and resources to our philanthropic endeavors. Toward that end, we are in process of establishing a separate 501-c-3 charitable grant-making component of the company.  


We need your help.


A small publishing house can’t do much on its own. But we have a strong following of friends and supporters. If we all pitch in, I know we can accomplish a lot. I’d like to think of the foundation as a joint effort among friends of Raburn Publishing – all coming together to identify needs and brainstorming creative ways to make an impact. We’ll use the tools we have at our fingertips to help spread the word and tell the stories of those among us who need a little help and hope. And consider every contributor a partner, investor, and stakeholder.


Obviously, the needs in every community and across the country are great. We can’t do everything, but we can do something.


The idea is to stay nimble and flexible so we can quickly respond to urgent needs. Whether it’s bottled water for people in Flint, MI or clothes for a family of Syrian refugees or cash for a neighbor with mounting medical bills or food for a hungry orphan in Haiti, we want to respond to needs with minimal bureaucracy and red tape creating unnecessary obstacles.


As some of you know, I spent most of my professional career working in the nonprofit sector. I’ve started and directed a number of child-serving organizations in North Carolina and California. My experiences were eye-opening and humbling. Although I’ve spent the past couple of years focused on writing and publishing, I still identify myself as a champion of children's causes and  zealous advocate of the downtrodden and disenfranchised among us. I’ve been feeling the tug to do more lately and believe Raburn Publishing provides a unique platform to give back to the community in a meaningful way. Will you join us?


Don’t get me wrong. Raburn Publishing is still a publishing company and still focused on offering an eclectic mix of high quality print and digital books for readers of all ages. That won’t change. In fact, we have several amazing new books in various stages of completion in the queue and big plans for the upcoming year as we add some new authors to the team and branch into more screenplay adaptations.


Obviously, the viability of the foundation is contingent upon the success of our publishing efforts. So, keep buying our books! In addition, I’m also asking everyone I know to contribute a little to help get things moving. We set up an account to make donating simple. Just click on the Donate button below. Any amount you can offer will be greatly appreciated. And rest assured, 100% of the money raised will go toward assisting someone in need, not a dime of it on staff or overhead.


Thanks in advance. Feel free to contact me if you have questions or bright ideas!


I’ll keep you posted.


Stephen Raburn,