If I had a quarter for every time I’ve heard those words!

As an active father of two amazing little girls and admittedly a little on the goofy side,

“Oh Dad!” is indeed a frequently spoken phrase in my house… accompanied by obligatory

eye-rolling and (usually) uproarious laughter as well.  It was the obvious name for a line

of books I’ve been looking to create.

Truth of the matter is that I love every second of being “Dad.” In many ways, I’m typical of a growing subgroup of dads. Generally speaking, fathers today are more actively involved in

the everyday care and decision-making of children than those of previous generations.

That’s partly due to the natural evolution of parenting, I think. And partly due to economics.

More dads are able to work from home or have flexible work schedules than in the past. And women are earning more in the workplace, so dads aren’t necessarily the automatic breadwinner for the family these days. That’s the good news. The bad news: there are an awful lot of unemployed dads out there too.

Whatever the reason, there’s a bunch of us spending a lot of time with our children. And that’s got to be a good thing.

But the publishing biz has been slow to catch on. With most magazines and books, “Parenting” is code for “Mom,” it seems. In my experience, there’s a dearth of resources for dads.

Oh Dad! is a line of books created to fill that void: fodder for those of us who aspire to be greatest dad in the world (but need a little help). Help is just what foodie Sarah Spigelman offers in Oh Dad’s first offering.

Ms. Spigelman is a renowned Manhattan food writer, blogger and connoisseur of edible delights.  She wrote “What’s for Breakfast, Dad?” for us, which is in equal parts intro to the kitchen and awesome cook book. Sarah gently leads us into the kitchen and shows us that it’s not such a scary place after all – once you know a few basic rules and techniques. The recipes? Think 
bacon candy and waffle-wiches.

“What’s for Breakfast, Dad?” is a perfect example of what Oh Dad! is hoping to provide: fun, quirky, insightful, useful books for devoted dads and the eye-rolling kids who love them. Enjoy.

Second book in the Oh Dad! line is “Let’s Build Something in the Backyard, Dad” written by retired engineer Peter Hill. Many more will follow.


Supplementing the Oh Dad! series is a variety of other kid and family-friendly books, including John Andrucci's Children's Fantasy series. A number of illustrated children's books are planned for the coming year. Check back often. 

-Stephen Raburn

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