Raburn Publishing now provides a comprehensive range of high quality services for aspiring authors.


Here’s what we can offer - either as a package or a la carte:


  • A read through of your manuscript

  • An honest appraisal of its marketability

  • High quality editing and proofing

  • Full design and layout of interior pages

  • Cover artwork and design

  • Copyright the book in the author’s name

  • Secure ISBN numbers

  • Register book with US Library of Congress

  • Provide link to order books

  • Provide access to purchase books at cheapest, wholesale cost for as long as the book remains in print

  • Ensure all rights remain with the author


If interested, contact us and we’ll provide details and instructions. 


Essentially, you submit a manuscript… we tidy it up and turn it into a beautiful, high quality paperback book ready for ordering. Whether you want to buy a few for your family or a thousand to distribute at a conference or to get them in bookstores and gift shops in your area…what you do with your books is up to you. And you maintain all rights and privileges associated with the book, thereafter.


We also provide complete ghostwriting services, as well.


Whether the manuscript just needs a little TLC to get it ready for printing or you need someone to turn ideas floating around in your head into an awesome novel (or somewhere in between), we can help!


Background:  We’re a small publishing company, but we’ve been getting bombarded with quality manuscripts from writers and poets lately… which gave us an idea:  we could provide a number of services to assist authors get from “point a” (a draft manuscript in hand, or even just an idea for a book that still needs to be written) to “point b” (a book in the market), even if we can’t publish it ourselves. We have the expertise and tools at our fingertips, after all.


So, if you’re interested in bringing your book to life, just let us know. I bet we can make it happen!


Fees vary depending on services needed and a variety of other variables, such as urgency, amount of artwork needed, page count, etc. We'll work with you, though, to make the price tag as painless as possible. 


Email us at HERE

Put "Author Services" in the subject line.