The Unraveling

...and other stories

"A collection of essays and short stories by author, publisher, social entrepreneur and father Stephen Raburn; at times hilarious, whimsical, heart-breaking, evocative, thought-provoking and poignant."

Stephen Raburn… is a children's book author, former newspaper columnist, reporter and editor…impassioned child advocate, father, idealist, daydreamer, freelance writer, publisher and champion of humanitarian causes.  His training and background is in the field of child psychology. 


Through the years, Stephen has founded and directed a number of child-serving and community based nonprofit organizations, including the Center for Child Advocacy & Research, based in Napa, CA and a special needs adoption agency in Charlotte, NC. But he was always writing on the side. Stephen now lives in Durham, NC with his two amazing little girls.


Stephen’s essays and articles have appeared in a variety of journals, magazines, newspapers and blogs. In recent years, his writing has tended to focus on political and social issues which he approaches from an unapologetically progressive perspective. His critics may refer to them as left wing “rants” but he prefers to think of them as provocative and compelling. But Stephen also writes gentler, less antagonizing stories too… often described as nostalgic, whimsical and evocative. This book is a sampling of some of them -  spanning decades, some of which were originally published in magazines and newspapers, others recently retrieved from a dusty old box in the attic… with a few rants thrown in for good measure.